Homelab history

Every IT professional has a homelab – at least a virtual one – to try new stuff and keep up with product and technology updates.

I am now working with VMware products for over 15 years. It all started with desktop virtualization to try out new Linux distros on my main workstation (which was and still is Windows-based – yeah, hate me if you want) as a student since Linux at that time had a couple of issues supporting WLAN cards (or at least the WLAN chipset of the card I had, and my budget as a student wasn’t high enough to afford a supported NIC).

After all I decided that I “needed” to run directory services as well as an more advanced DNS server compared to what our home router was able to provide. So I built my first homeserver (which actually wasn’t a real lab) after an hardware upgrade on my workstation running ESXi 4.0 with the free license. It was noisy, had no compute power, but for the first time I had the ability to run and gain knowledge on various server software, including ADS, Apache, MS SQL, Exchange etc.

The initial ESXi does not exist anymore, nore does its successor, but it was the base to what now is evolving as my personal home lab. Hope you enjoy reading the articles in this category. Feel free to comment, I am looking forward to your feedback.

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